Save 60 minutes a Day

Reclaim 60 minutes of
Time every day!

Ezidoesit empowers you to work smarter, not harder. Saving time saves you money, and it is simple & easy using Ezidoesit Outlook Add-in software


Schedule Works as Tasks

Ezidoesit will save you at least 60 minutes a day through advanced and easier planning your work tasks. It provides a Smart, Quick and Easy to use process to turn email work requests into Ezidoesit tasks and automatically schedule these tasks into your Outlook Calendar, around existing appointments and tasks. Then you work from your Calendar, not your Outlook Inbox.

As new work requests arrive in your Inbox, or priorities change, Ezidoesit allows you to easily change your schedule. You can even go to your Outlook Calendar and drag Ezidoesit tasks to different times or days and your task information is updated automatically.

Depending on how you want to setup and use Ezidoesit, the original email is automatically moved to a folder of your choice when you save the Ezidoesit task.

With no training any user can create an Ezidoesit task and schedule it into the Outlook Calendar in less than 15 seconds.

Delay Answering Non-urgent Emails

There is an option in Ezidoesit Enterprise called EziAnswer. Right click on a non-urgent email in the Outlook Inbox and select the EziAnswer option. The email will be moved to the EziAnswer virtual inbox. You then answer this email when you want to. Settings for reminders for EziAnswer can be selected in the Ezidoesit Settings option. EziAnswer allows you to answer non-urgent emails together which minimizes interruptions, saving you time. Using EziAnswer stops email ping pong. Remember if it was urgent, they would phone you.

Move News Emails to read later

Ezidoesit Enterprise has an option called EziNews. This allows you to easily setup rules to move News type Emails and any other type of email automatically to a virtual Inbox. Then when you decide, you open this inbox from an option in Ezidoesit and read these emails.

You are in control, they are not sitting in your inbox tempting you to read them when you should be working. Once you have finished reading them, click the checkbox beside the email and the email is moved to either a PST folder or the EziNews SQL database and the email is deleted from the EziNews virtual inbox.

The EziNews Rules are easily setup once. These rules can also be saved as Outlook Rules. Doing this means these emails will never display in the Outlook Inbox, as they are automatically moved before you even start Outlook.