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Don't let News Emails
distract you from Real Work

The eziNews option allows you to quickly set rules automatically move these emails to a virtual inbox. You can't lose them but you control when you read them.


Delay Reading News Emails with EziNews

EziNews is a new feature which is available in only Ezidoesit Enterprise for Outlook 2013 and 2010. EziNews works in a similar way to the EziAnswer feature and it copies newsletter type emails or any other type of email that you get on a regular basis to the EziNews virtual inbox automatically controlled by rules you setup.

The rules are very easy and quick to setup (they can be Microsoft Outlook Rules or Ezidoesit Rules).

So why use EziNews?

You arrive at work open your Outlook Inbox and you have 20 or more news type emails. You can either sit there and open and read these emails now or let EziNews automatically move them out of the Outlook Inbox and you can read them later.

Most news type emails have nothing to do with "real" work and can be a distraction which delays you reading the really important emails (like emails from customers or your boss!).

So using EziNews reduces the emails in your Outlook Inbox, which stops you missing important emails.

Remember, everyone is busy at work these days but the common expectation with email is that you should answer requests quickly. This can be a difficult target to reach if you are spending too much time reading nice but non-important emails.

The really cool thing about EziNews is you don’t lose these news emails, they are stored in the EziNews virtual inbox until you have time to read them, and once read you can either delete, move them to a Personal Folder (PST) or move them to an Ezidoesit EziNews SQL database (allows searching for them later real easy).

Read EziNews Emails

When you have time and you want to read emails in the EziNews Virtual Inbox follow the following steps. Just click the EziNews button.

This displays the EziNews Virtual Inbox (see below)

Either work your way through the emails one by one or just select one and double click it to open the email to read it. This works exactly like reading an email in the Outlook Inbox. Emails in the EziNews virtual inbox are just emails in the Outlook Inbox. You can reply, forward these emails.

Once you have read the email a quick click on the Checkbox beside the email in the EziNews Virtual Inbox will run the rule for this email and either delete it or store it to its final location – the EziNews SQL database or an Outlook PST file.

From the EziNews Virtual Inbox you can change the display order of the emails by clicking on the following headings – From, Subject and Date.

Further information on setting up rules for EziNews, and searching for information can be found in the following PDF -EziNews Features.