Delay answering Emails with eziAnswer

Delay answering Emails
with eziAnswer

Everytime you stop what you are working on to answer non-urgent emails, it takes you on average 17 to 20 minutes to get back to work


Not all Emails are Equal

Not all emails are so important that you have to answer them straight away. But they have to be answered sometime and within a reasonable timeframe. These are classified as non-urgent emails. But how do you delay answering these emails and still remember to answer them? Use the EziAnswer option in Ezidoesit Enterprise Edition.

Answering Non-Urgent Emails wastes your Time

Save Time EzidoesitAccording to a joint study by Microsoft and the University of Illinois, it takes, on average, nearly 17 minutes for a worker interrupted by an e-mail to get back to what he or she was doing, and with the emergence of social networking; you can waste entire days if you respond to messages as they arrive.

EziAnswer puts the user back in control of when they answer the emails, and avoids the problems when emails are not replied to, lost or forgotten – lost opportunities, poor customer relationships and damaged reputations. Remember if it is really urgent people will phone you.

EziAnswer has an option in Settings which enables you turn on the EziAnswer feature and configure this option. By right mouse clicking on a non-urgent email and selecting EziAnswer, this email is moved to the EziAnswer Virtual Inbox as displayed below.

Answer Emails as a Group of Micro-Tasks

ENon-urgent emails are easier to deal with if you answer 4 - 10 at a time. By doing this you avoid being interrupted everytime one of these emails arrives in your inbox. It also gives you time to think of an answer, avoids reactionary emotional responses to emails and bundles a number of these micro-tasks together.

EziAnswer allows you to set 2 reminders a day. At the time you specify, an email will be sent to your inbox, showing the emails that need answering, then you can open up the virtual inbox and answer a few emails. I set my reminders for 11:30am and 5:00pm each day.

Also if you answer an email directly you receive it you run the risk of getting into an email ping-pong game. They email you, you reply and so it goes on. The answers get shorter and the amount of time wasted gets longer.