Ezidoesit Workgroup

Ezidoesit Workgroup EditionEzidoesit Workgroup Edition is a collaboration add-on for Ezidoesit Enterprise that turns it into a multi-user version that links everyone together. It can save your workgroup or team time, stress and provide enhanced work scheduling and resource planning.

Workgroup Edition enables everyone on your team to be moving in the same direction. Users across multiple teams can work on the same project and a user can be a member of multiple teams. Workgroup projects are independent of teams and have a project leader. Workgroup includes Team and Project reporting, Data Security to control access to task and project information and Advanced Project features.

Ezidoesit Workgroup Edition Concept

The Ezidoesit Workgroup Edition is a component designed to provide additional information for managers of teams of people. The Workgroup Team Management client is only installed onto the computers of managers, team leaders and administrators who need to either report on their teams activities or configure and administer the Workgroup software.

Two additional components are installed to turn a team of Ezidoesit users into an Ezidoesit Workgroup, the Team Management client is installed on each user’s computer and the Server Manager software is installed on the server which is hosting the Ezidoesit SQL server database.

All users use Ezidoesit Enterprise with an Ezidoesit Workgroup product key which allows access to 2 new reports for standard team members and access to all the reports for managers and team leaders.


Because Ezidoesit Workgroup Edition holds all the users’ data in one central SQL Server database, the Workgroup Edition has the security that is necessary to control who can what information. An Ezidoesit Task which is checked as private can only be viewed by the user that created it.

A team leader can see what their team(s) members are doing across all projects they are working on but a project leader only gets to see projects they are managing. If a user marks tasks as private, the team leader will be able to see in the Schedule View (which shows what is in the users Outlook Calendar) a blocked out time in the colour of the priority (red, orange, yellow and green) but no detail on the task. This is designed to secure sensitive or private information that should not be viewed by anyone but the original user.

Team and Project Reporting

The Team Management client provides additional reporting capability to managers and team leaders to help them manage their team members and manage the teams’ resources. Options are Performance Gauge, Time Usage, Gantt, Task List report, Team Management report, Task Management Ability report, Schedule View and Ribbon View. Further details of these options are in below.

Team Performance Gauge

The Performance Gauge in Ezidoesit shows how efficiently your team members are scheduling their work, plus it gives you an overview of how team resourcing is going – who is overloaded with too many critical tasks and who has resource and can help other members of the team.

Ezidoesit Performance Gauge

You can view tasks for a single user including by project and for a team by priority. These reports allow a start and end date range.

When you expand a slice of the PG graph you can view the details that make up this slice – number of hours, number of time slots and number of tasks.

When you view the PG graph for a single user there is a degree of privacy in the view in that Free Time is actual free time plus any meetings or appointments scheduled. Break time displayed is items specified in Ezidoesit itself such as Lunch, Blackout time or other items. This report can be printed.

Time Usage

The Time Usage chart shows in a very easy to read visual format how busy people in your team are, how critical or high priority the tasks they are working on and how much free resource they have. This report can be printed.

Team task Manager Ezidoeist

The white space is made up of actual free time but also includes Outlook Calendar appointment time so unless someone is in meetings all day it should give a good indication of available resource. As with most of the Workgroup reports the Time Usage can be run by date range, by team, by individual user and by project.

A Visual Snapshot of Time

The Time Usage report provides a very visual snap shot of the "time status" of your team. This is the best team member comparison report in the Ezidoesit Workgroup suite of reports.

Manage Team Resources and avoid Overloading Staff

Used retrospectively as well as prospectively you can quickly assess who might be overloaded and who might be under utilised. However, before making any changes to task allocation, check out the Task Management Ability Report to see how sucessful your team members are in meeting time goals. Some "underutilised" team members may be more efficient in their work.

Task List Report

The Task List report is similar to the Task List in Ezidoesit Enterprise however in can be run by date range, by team member, by project, by priority and by assigned by name. You can also click on the headings - Task Subject, Start Date, Deadline, Duration, % Complete, Priority, Project and Assigned By to re-order the display.

Free task Manager Ezidoeist

This provides a high level of detail on tasks and activities your team are working on.

Multiple Reporting Options

The multiple ordering options – each of the column headers can be sorted – this allows you to slice and dice this information to provide details on the current work tasks.

Control Team and Project Task Priorities

This is a good report for checking where your team are getting their tasks from (the assigned by name) and the priorities these tasks are receiving (they may not be the correct priorities). Use this report to look back at the previous week to assess which tasks were completed and which were carried over.

Team Management Report

For a specific week this will show a list of the tasks scheduled on each day for each user.
If you select a project then the tasks listed will only be for that particular project. Selecting a Team will show all tasks.

Team Management Report Ezidoeist

Teams and Projects

Both teams (longer term organizational structure) and projects (short term or project based combinations) are catered for in Ezidoesit Workgroup Edition. Teams and projects are independent of each other; a user can be a member of a team that may have users who are in 5 projects or any combination of projects. You may have a Finance team, a sales team, a marketing team and a production team. A project may have members from all of those teams.

Team Leaders and Project Leaders

The difference between Team Leaders and Project Leaders is that a Team leader can see information about all the tasks (that are not marked private by the user) of the users in the team. A Project leader can only see information about the tasks that are allocated to the project for the users in the project.

Task Management Ability Report

The Task Management Ability report shows how often tasks slipped on start time and end time and how often the amount of time to complete the task moved. The reason for these changes and the slippage can vary from a user taking longer than the scheduled task time to complete the task, but can also reflect that the customer asked for changes to what was originally agreed which has caused one or more extensions to the time.

Task Management Report Ezidoeist

This report can be filtered on a date range, by project or team member and by priority. As well as showing details on individual tasks, it also gives totals which shows the total number of task extensions, the average number of task extensions, number of tasks completed before the deadline and under the original task duration hours.

The multiple ordering options – each of the column headers can be sorted – this allows you to slice and dice this information to provide details on current historical work tasks.