Ezidoesit Screenshots

Ezidoesit is an easy to use productivity add-on tool for Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2007 and 2003. It is the Smart - Simple way to save time and money, from a users perspective it makes you look good and from a business perspective it saves you money off the bottom line (heaps of it). So have a look at these screen shots and also at our short video presentations.

Ezidoesit Elevator Bar

Ezidoesit Elevator BarThe Ezidoesit Elevator Bar is a coloured resizable bar onto which you drag and drop emails to turn them into tasks and schedule them into your Outlook Calendar. The colour on the Elevator Bar sets the task priority (red, orange, yellow and green are critical, high, medium and low) and rules behind each of these colours (which the user controls in Settings) set other defaults in the task.

Outlook Inbox and EziView

Outlook Inbox and EziViewThis option is only available in Microsoft Outlook 2007 in the Enterprise and Professional Editions of Ezidoesit. It is an Outlook Task Pane and displays the Elevator Bar, the Performance Gauge and the Ribbon View. (you can choose which of these options you wish to display on the Task Pane).

On a large or wide screen, EziView allows you to take advantage of the extra width and view all at one time the Elevator Bar, the Performance Gauge and the Ribbon View. These last 2 options change dynamically as you add more tasks and as time elapses.

The EziView display can be turned on and off by clicking on the EziView icon (displayed below) or by selecting EziView on the Ezidoesit menu.

Ezidoesit Task

Ezidoesit TaskThe task is created from a copy of the email (except manual tasks) and from the defaults from rules for each priority colour (you set these default rules in the Ezidoesit Settings option). There are a number of task options that you can set (depends on the Ezidoesit Edition you are using) and you can over write default options set by the priority rules. Some important options are -

You do not have to schedule the task into the Outlook Calendar.

You can change the subject and the description which have been copied from the original email as it is only a copy of the email. You can add on new attachments to the task or delete existing attachments.

 If you mark a task as Private then the details cannot be seen by other users in your organization where shared Outlook Calendars are used.

You can schedule the task over multiple days - a 30 hour task could be scheduled to be worked on 2 hours each day.

 Do It Now - this option pushes this task in at the current time and re schedules tasks after it.

Click to view full size screen - Enterprise - Professional - Standard

Outlook Calendar showing Ezidoesit Tasks scheduled

Outlook Calendar showing Ezidoesit Tasks scheduledTasks displayed in the Outlook Calendar take up the amount of time that has been allocated to the task.

In Outlook 2007 Ezidoesit Tasks display in the colour of the priority of the task.

Tasks can be dragged to different days and times and this automatically updates the Ezidoesit task details. If you accept a meeting that will fall in the middle of a task, the task will be split into two and will continue after the meeting. You can also right click on a meeting and convert it into a task.

In Ezidoesit Enterprise Edition you can right click on a task and split it into multiple parts. Split tasks can also be joined back together.

Click to view full size screen - Outlook 2007 - Outlook 2003

Ezidoesit Task List

Ezidoesit Task ListThe Task List displays by default all current or incomplete Ezidoesit Tasks. There are 4 drop down filters

  • Priority - All, Critical, High, Medium and Low
  • Status - All, Completed, Incomplete and Past Completion
  • Scheduling - All, Scheduled and Unscheduled
  • Project - All or a project name Sort - clicking on a column or multiple columns sorts the Task List, your choice is displayed on the bottom line of the Task List.

Ezidoesit Performance Gauge

Ezidoesit Performance GaugeThis shows at a quick glance the status of your tasks and free time for any time period. You can also use this to monitor individual projects.