Reschedule Tasks

Currently you can reclaim time where tasks are finished early. There are now some new options in the Enterprise Edition of Ezidoesit that allow you to

New Reschedule Tasks button on the Outlook 2010 Ribbon menu Ezidoesit tab. This allows you to reschedule future tasks for the number of days set in the Settings, New Task option (see image below).

Ezidoesit Reschedule Tasks

Easy Task Manager

Rescheduling tasks is a quick and simple way of reclaiming future time.

When you right click on a task in the task list you have a reschedule task option. This will reschedule the task to be done after the current time following the standard scheduling rules.

There is a new button on the Task window to reschedule the task. This will set the start after date of the task to be the current time if the current start after date is in the past and then reschedule the task.