Ezidoesit Performance Gauge

The Performance Gauge is a great tool to use in situations like, someone asks you to do a task and you need to check how you schedule is looking. One place to look would be the Outlook Calendar because you can see all of your meetings and appointments, plus your work tasks. The other place is the Performance Gauge because it gives you an overview of your work.

Click on the Performance Gauge icon which will display a Pie Chart similar to the image below. This shows free time, meetings (displayed as other), and work tasks as well as any regular break times entered in Ezidoesit.

Microsoft Outlook add in Task Manager

By clicking on a piece of the pie you can drill down to see how many hours, time slots and tasks make up this time. If you double click on a pie slice in Enterprise, you can drill down into the task. It displays in the Task List grid the tasks for the priority colour and then you can open these tasks. The Performance Gauge is a quick way to find out how loaded you are with work and tasks. For teams, in Ezidoesit Workgroup the Time Usage is a great report to see who has resource available and who is overloaded.