Ezidoesit Mobile Process

Schedule work when away from your Desk

When you are away from your desk, with Ezidoesit Mobile you can still schedule work requests into tasks quickly and easily.

All smartphone allow you to read and answer your email. Most also offer simple To Do list applications. These are a dime a dozen and frankly are not good enough to use for work related tasks. But Ezidoesit Mobile extends your access to your Outlook Inbox when you are not sitting in front of your PC.

Requests don't get missed, and confidence in your ability to plan and schedule work from your boss, co-workers and customers remains high.

How Ezidoesit Mobile works

Ezidoesit Mobile works at this time on Microsoft Windows Phone 7 devices (WP7). One great thing about WP7 devices is that Apps look and work the same whatever mobile brand phone you are using.

Ezidoesit Mobile requires a WP7 device (we don't care which device), you must be running Ezidoesit Enterprise for Outlook 2010 on your PC (desktop or notebook) and running Microsoft Outlook 2010. The communication link between Ezidoesit on your PC and Ezidoesit Mobile on your phone is made through a process running in the Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud platform. To get this to work these are the steps to follow -

  1. PC running Microsoft Outlook 2010 and you have installed on this PC Ezidoesit Enterprise for Outlook 2010
  2. Click on Ezidoesit Mobile button on Ezidoesit home page
  3. Install Ezidoesit Mobile Sync App on PC and configure Settings
  4. In Marketplace on Windows Phone 7, download Ezidoesit Mobile App
  5. Copnfigure Settings on phone and sync Inbox, Tasks and Calendar

Ezidoesit Mobile Security

For Ezidoesit Mobile to work you is Ezidoesit Enterprise Edition (this is the free version). We also have a Ezidoesit Workgroup Edition which when installed with Enterprise or Professional, it allows these users to access a central Microsoft SQL Server database instead of a single, local database on your PC. Where data is shared like this, Team Leaders and Managers can run comparitive reporting and see how everyone in their team is working. This is very helpful for time critical projects.

Create Tasks from Emails

Ezidoesit allows you to create a task from an email, set the task priority and then schedule the task into the Outlook Calendar. The task is scheduled around any existing meetings or appointments and high priority tasks are scheduled before low priority tasks. You then work from your Outlook Calendar, not the Outlook Inbox. You can configure Ezidoesit Rules in Settings to control what happens to the original emails in your inbox. Click here to read more.

Ezidoesit Performance Gauge

The Performance Gauge feature displays a Pie Chart, which shows how much time you are spending on Meetings and Appointments, how much on Tasks (Critical, High, Medium and Low priority) and how much Free time you have. This graph can be display over any time period (today, this week or start and end date) and by clicking on sections of the Pie Graph you can see how many tasks, time slots and hours make up each section. This is an excellent tool for controlling how much time each day you spend on critical tasks. As you add tasks, this display alters in real time.