ezidoesit features

We designed Ezidoesit to be a simple yet smart tool that any Microsoft Outlook user could use intuitively.

Ezidoesit is all about giving you the tools to get you to the start line quicker and easier each and every day. If you can do this, then you can get more work done, or you can go home on time, or you can get some time each day to be more creative and innovative in your work. Ezidoesit will save you at least 60 minutes a day. An experienced IT professional has told us it saves him 2 hours a day because of its ability to schedule and re-schedule work quickly.

Control your inbox Ezidoesit

Easy To do managerCreate Tasks from Emails

Ezidoesit allows you to create a task from an email, set the task priority and then schedule the task into the Outlook Calendar. The task is scheduled around any existing meetings or appointments and high priority tasks are scheduled before low priority tasks. You then work from your Outlook Calendar, not the Outlook Inbox. You can configure Ezidoesit Rules in Settings to control what happens to the original emails in your inbox.

Schedule Emails EzidoesitDelay Answering Non-Urgent Emails

There are some emails that you don't have to answer straight away. Ezidoesit Enterprise has a feature called EziAnswer that allows you to quickly move emails that have to be answered into a "virtual inbox". Then morning and afternoon reminders send an automatic email to your inbox which shows which emails you have to answer. These emails are no longer in your Outlook Inbox but in the Ezidoesit virtual inbox, so you will not lose them or forget to answer them.

Prioritise your tasksEzidoesit Performance Gauge

The Performance Gauge feature displays a Pie Chart, which shows how much time you are spending on Meetings and Appointments, how much on Tasks (Critical, High, Medium and Low priority) and how much Free time you have. This graph can be display over any time period (today, this week or start and end date) and by clicking on sections of the Pie Graph you can see how many tasks, time slots and hours make up each section. This is an excellent tool for controlling how much time each day you spend on critical tasks. As you add tasks, this display alters in real time.

Archive Emails EzidoesitEmail Archive

Ezidoesit Enterprise has a client based Archive option which enables a user to move emails which they wish to archive to the Ezidoesit SQL database. You can also tag keywords from the email and search on these archived emails. This is a more secure option for archiving emails that using Outlook Personal Folders (PST). And it enables you to have less email in your Inbox.

Task Scheduling EzidoesitAdvanced Task Scheduling

Ezidoesit Enterprise can schedule emails as tasks into the Outlook Calendar, but Enterprise has some extra features. In Ezidoesit Settings there is the option to set advanced scheduling rules where email work requests are scheduled based on specific email addresses and/or domain names.

Reschedule Tasks EzidoesitReschedule Tasks

There are 4 ways to reschedule Ezidoesit tasks – manually (drag and drop tasks in the Outlook Calendar to a different time or day), auto reschedule (moves tasks not completed at the end of the day to start tomorrow), right mouse on a task in the Ezidoesit Task List, and the Reschedule Tasks button which gives you several options.

Easy to Delegate Tasks EzidoesitDelegating and Recurring Tasks

You can delegate tasks to other Ezidoesit users when you are using Ezidoesit Enterprise and Ezidoesit Workgroup. You can still follow the progress of tasks you have delegated to other users. Any task can be turned into a daily, weekly or monthly recurring task in the Enterprise Edition.

Manage People Easily EzidoesitWorkgroup Edition

Workgroup is a software add-on for Ezidoesit Enterprise. Installing this option allows team leaders and managers to manage their people, and task resources quickly and easily. Security access options are provided as well as 6 Workgroup reports.

Share Calendars EzidoesitPrivacy and Shared Calendars

Outlook shared Calendars allows other people within your organization to see your meetings, appointments and Ezidoesit tasks. In Ezidoesit Enterprise you can turn on a privacy option which will make tasks seen as private. This can be over ridden when you create individual tasks where needed.