Fast Facts

Ezidoesit Enterprise is a Free Download. When you sign up to download it, you will be emailed a free Product Key which will activate 1 copy of the Enterprise Edition.

Ezidoesit Workgroup Edition adds to Ezidoesit Enterprise to allow multiple users to share data.

You will need Microsoft Outlook – 2010 (64-bit or 32-bit), 2007 or 2003. We don’t support the Apple Macintosh or Linux computers.

Ezidoesit is a Windows client application; it is not a web product (we do have a SharePoint Workgroup Reporting option though). Your PC will need to be running Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP SP2 or greater.

You don't need a trial of Ezidoesit Enteprise because it is a free product.

Ezidoesit will save you at least 60 minutes a day and Money

Ezidoesit Workgroup Reporting for Microsoft SharePoint or Windows SharePoint Server (WSS) has additional reports for multi-user Workgroup data when using multiple copies of Ezidoesit Enterprise.

Ezidoesit stores its data in a Microsoft SQL Server database. On PC’s this is local data in Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or 2005 Express Edition (the free version – SQL2008 or SQL2005), you choose which version of SQL you want to use. You can also use SQL Server Express or the larger purchased versions of SQL Server to store multi-user Workgroup data (you have to buy a licence separately if you don’t own these already).

You don’t need Microsoft’s Exchange Server email software (although it works with Microsoft Exchange), and we don’t install anything onto Microsoft Exchange Server. You could be downloading emails from an ISP or Windows Live, Yahoo, Gmail or anything else.

Ezidoesit Workgroup comes with a free product called Ezidoesit Server Manager; this helps you setup, configure and manage the SQL database on a central SQL server.

Ezidoesit takes 17-20 minutes to install on a PC, because the install goes to and downloads the Microsoft .NET Framework and Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition. These components take most of the time to install. Ezidoesit is small and takes 30-45 seconds to install. If you already have these components installed on your PC, they will not be downloaded again.

If you already have SQL and the .NET Framework installed, it will install in a few minutes.

We give you free Updates just like Microsoft.

We give you free support via email, and our support is red hot.