Ezidoesit Enterprise Edition

Ezidoesit Enterprise Edition is the complete Task Management and Work Scheduling software for Microsoft® Outlook® 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003.

New in the Enterprise R2 Edition is the EziAnswer option which allows users to drag and drop emails that they need to answer onto a white colour on the Ezidoesit Elevator Bar. These emails are then moved from the users inbox.

The user can set two reminders a day (say late morning and late afternoon) which will send them an email reminder of emails that are waiting to be answered.

The user can, at any time, open the EziAnswer window and reply to emails. This option allows an Outlook email user to control when emails are answered and avoid their day being run according to other peoples’ schedule. It also avoids the quick stimulus response to emails which we can regret later.

Another feature of Enterprise is the Email Archive option. This option allows users to drag and drop emails onto a blue colour on the end of the Elevator Bar and archive this email into a separate database.

Search facilities and filters are provided so you can find archived emails at a later time and when you do, a simple double click allows the archived email to be treated like all other emails.

You can reply to it or forward it or do anything you can do with any email in Outlook.

Ezidoesit for the Enterprise!

Ezidoesit Enterprise Edition is the ultimate task and work scheduling program for Microsoft Outlook. It can be used together with the Ezidoesit Workgroup client in a multi-user environment or in a stand-alone situation on a single computer.

The Enterprise Edition has all the features that are in Ezidoesit Professional Edition - plus the following new options –


Controls when and how you answer emails. Has reminder option of when in the day to answer emails.
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Email Archive

Archive emails to a Ezidoesit email Archive Microsoft® SQL Server database and avoid security or Exchange hosting issues with large Outlook Inboxes and local PST files. EziSearch – Search for Ezidoesit tasks on the email body or subject text or task tag keywords.
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Split Task

Rejoin tasks split around meetings or split tasks over multiple time slots. This provides total flexibility over when tasks are worked on.

Advanced Scheduling

Task scheduling priorities can be set based on domain names and email addresses.
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Auto Re-Schedule Tasks

Allows tasks not completed to be rescheduled at the end of the day.
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Email Status Report

Automatically email yourself a Daily, Weekly or Monthly status report on critical tasks to do, overdue, coming up etc. This is controlled by a user scheduled which controls days, times and options.

Automatic Backup

Automatically backup Ezidoesit and Archive data to a specific folder on a preset schedule.


In Ezidoesit Workgroup add unallocated Ezidoesit tasks to a central queue and then allow users to select a task, allocate it to themselves and work on it.

Complete task ahead of schedule

When a task is finished earlier than estimated Ezidoesit gives the user the option to automatically reclaim time and reschedule the days other tasks to start earlier.

Delegate a Task

To another Ezidoesit user where Ezidoesit Workgroup Edition is being used in a multi-user environment.

Move original email when task is complete

There is now the option in the Enterprise Edition to select a final folder to automatically move the original email to when the task is marked as completed. You can also select a folder to do this manually when you mark the task as complete.

Recurring Tasks

Setup a recurring task to be created Daily, Weekly or Monthly. You can create up to 20 occurrences of a task at one time based on options in Settings.
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New Filter in Task List

This will shows tasks assigned to you by other users when using Ezidoesit Workgroup Edition.

Import Outlook Tasks

You can also export Ezidoesit task data when data is located locally on the PC.

Online Help

An online help portal accessed from the Ezidoesit menu with videos, documentation and white papers.

Delayed Start

Delays Ezidoesit starting to allow Outlook and other add-ins to start before Ezidoesit starts. The delay time in seconds can be set by the user.

Online/Offline Synchronization

For notebook users this allows synchronization of local data on a notebook to a Microsoft SQL Server database on a server. This then allows Ezidoesit Workgroup reporting to access this data.