Email Archive

Imagine if at home you stored all your opened mail in your letter box. Seems kind of a silly thing to do but at work lots of people have old emails stored in their Outlook Inbox. Control your inbox Ezidoesit Given that the average email user receives 1,800 emails a month this is not a great idea. The alternative is to use the Email Archive option in Ezidoesit Enterprise. This option adds a blue coloured square to the Ezidoesit Elevator which is how you drive the email archiving. In Outlook 2010, right mouse click on one or more highlighted emails which you are archiving.

This will move these emails from the Inbox into the archive database. There are archive settings in Ezidoesit Settings where you can configure how archiving works; you can enter a Tag word, Project name and Category against this email.

To search on archived emails, double click on the blue colour on the Ezidoesit Elevator Bar and enter in the word(s) to search on. All emails which match the search criteria will be displayed.

Prioritise your tasks

When you find the email you were searching for you can open it, reply to it, forward it to another email user, do anything you could do when it was in your Outlook Inbox.

Remember, less emails in your inbox makes for less stress as your brain does not get overloaded by all of the information that it can see.