Delay Answering Non-Urgent Emails

Interrupting your work to has a performance hit of 17-20 minutes based on research by Microsoft and others1. So every time you stop work to answer an email that has arrived in your inbox it will take you 17-20 minutes to get back to work. Do this 3 times a day and you have wasted or eaten up 60 minutes of your work day. See information on Distraction.

Some urgent emails do require answering within a reasonable time frame, if it was really urgent though, they would phone you which is the most efficient point to point method of communication.

By using EziAnswer, you can easily and quickly delay answering non-urgent emails which may otherwise become a distraction to more important tasks, and may end up as an email Ping-Pong event back and forth between you and the sender. This could then really soak up serious time. EziAnswer also stops you forgetting about the emails you need to answer as you can set a reminder for the morning and afternoon and then answer 4 or 5 emails in one task rather than lots of micro tasks.

Delay non urgent emails EzidoesitRight mouse click on one or more emails, select the white EziAnswer option and these emails are moved to the "Virtual Inbox". Double click on the white colour on the Ezidoesit Elevator Bar to access the virtual inbox. Double click an email to answer or forward it.

Emails handled by EziAnswer are moved from your Outlook Inbox to a "virtual inbox". This means there is less email in your own inbox which means less pressure and stress. It is also a great idea to use EziAnswer for other emails that you need to answer as it helps stop a stimulus response re-action to something the sender has written.

1Based on research done by Microsoft and the University of Illinois, and by Professor Gloria Mark at the University of California, Irvine.