Create Tasks from Emails

For this to work for a user, we knew it had to be very quick and simple to do. The good news is that it is. Here is how it works.

Someone emails you and asks you to do a work task. To be able to schedule work, either you or some very smart software (It’s called Ezidoesit) needs to know what your current schedule looks like, and allow you to change it if needed. If the email came from your Boss, maybe it is worth doing something with it, and I don’t mean deleting it! If it’s from a customer, well that is important as well. If it is really critical work, then it is a Do It Now type of task.

Right mouse click on the email request and select a priority to allocate to this new task. Depending Tasks from Email Ezidoesit on the rules you have configured in Ezidoesit Settings will determine what will happen next. Best practice is that Critical, High and Medium priority tasks are scheduled and a task window opens with a copy of the original email, plus any attachments.

The user can then alter any of the information in the task window such as task length of time, what day and time you want to start the task, whether to mark it as private and so on. You can edit anything as you are not changing the email but a copy of the email. If the task is very important and needs to be done straight away, click on the Do It Now button which will schedule it to start immediately.

When Ezidoesit tasks are scheduled into the Outlook Calendar, they are scheduled in the order of task priority. Let’s say you had 6 tasks scheduled for today and these tasks where High and Medium priority tasks. Now you schedule a Critical priority task to start in 30 minutes. It will push in before the lower priority tasks at or after the start time, and it will reschedule the lower priority tasks.

All of the above happens automatically when you save the task. With no training and very little time using Ezidoesit you will find you can schedule tasks in very little time; 15 to 30 seconds or less.

More information on Scheduling tasks is available.

PS. You can also drag and drop emails onto the Ezidoesit Elevator Bar if using Microsoft Outlook 2007 and 2003. A problem in Outlook 2010 stops drag and drop at the moment.