Advanced Task Scheduling

Ezidoesit schedules tasks based on priority at either the default date and time or a date and start time of your choosing. Here is a practical explanation of how it works.

Starting Information

Today is Tuesday 19th October and the time is 2PM.
I already have a Critical task scheduled to start at 2PM which will take 1 hour.
Then at 3PM I start a High priority task which will take 2 hours
And a Medium priority task for 30 minutes which starts at 5:00PM. Then I go home.

Email arrives - Scheduling option 1

I receive an email from Bill Gates to do a task which will take 2 hours. The task is Critical, so I schedule it to start at the current time (I don’t have to select a day and time as Ezidoesit knows this information already).

Ezidoesit schedules this new task to start at 3PM (after existing critical task starting at 2PM) and reschedules the High and Medium tasks which were due to start at 3PM and 5PM respectively onto the next day.

High and Medium tasks need to be completed today - Scheduling option 2

If everything has to be completed today, when the new email requests arrives at 2PM, click on the Do It Now button in the task window. This will push the new task in front of everything, it will start at 2PM, the Critical, High and Medium tasks will be rescheduled to all start 2 hours later. And you work late and go home at 7:30PM.

Schedule new task to another day - Scheduling option 3

When the task window opens, select a different date and time and this is when the new Critical task will start. Any existing tasks of a lower priority will be rescheduled.

Advanced scheduling allows tasks of equal priority to be scheduled and sets the task priority based on priority and then email address then email domain name.

In our above email the Critical 2 hour task can push in ahead of the 1 hour Critical task if I select Do It Now. But it can also push in if in my Advanced Scheduling settings I have a rule which says, emails from Bill Gates are top priority. Any email address or domain name in the rules will have higher priority than a scheduled task where the email address or domain name is not in the rules.

It is like going to the basketball game, paying top dollar for the seat, and then seeing Jack Nicholson walk in last minute, go to the front of the line and be ushered to a court side seat.