Who We Are

Ezidoesit, the innovative software for Microsoft Outlook, is developed in New Zealand by Starsoft, a software development company located in Auckland. When you think of New Zealand, you probably think of stunning scenery like the photo of the Mackenzie basin in the South Island below, adventure tourism, yachting or farming. New Zealand is also home to innovative IT companies such as Starsoft.

Ezidoesit has been developed using Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition. The software is written to comply with the Microsoft standards for developing software add-ins for Microsoft Outlook.

Starsoft's mission with Ezidoesit is provide software that delivers efficiency in dealing with email requests for work, dealing with the task of answering emails which enables the Outlook user to minimize stress, distractions and interruptions and be more fulfilled at work.

Starsoft is a privately owned and funded company and you can read more about the company at our web site - www.starsoft.co.nz

We believe in delivering a world class product and great support wherever you happen to be in the world.

We would love to hear what your experience with Ezidoesit is.